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The Lotus Flower and Skincare

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

By: Kirsten Soos

A symbol of resilience and rebirth, the lotus has earned this title through its ability to grow in dark conditions before opening in the light. Beginning in murky, muddy depths of the water, these flowers have stems that stretch until they reach the surface. This give the petals the space they need to open up, revealing the beautiful, iconographic plant we find so captivating.

Hardy, lotuses date as far back as 145 million years. They are a living fossil that survived the last ice age, a fact that further cements them as a token of endurance. Today they still thrive in extreme climates around the world.

This mystifying flower and its beauty can be found influencing religions, architecture, cuisine, art, and medicine.

And, skincare.

Lotus-based products are great for:


Brightening - Vitamins A, B, and C



Oil Balancing


It is not just a majestic adornment for a label. The ability to grow in tough conditions means the lotus has proteins, antioxidants, and compounds that are beneficial for our skin.

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