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Stefania is a classically trained stylist who spent years in NYC learning from luminaries such as Frederic Fekkai, Phillipe Baar and Paul Lebrecque.  These artists taught her to develop an eye for hair and how to see both the present and the future of a cut or color. A dedicated aromatherapy scholar, Stefania works with all-natural, essential oils on a daily basis, for herself and for her clients.  She remains passionate about the interconnection between health, beauty and spirit.


Marianna is the quintessential stylist: artistic, fun, and friendly. She has worked in the beauty business for over a decade, specializing in fashionable haircuts, coloring and shapely waxing. If she could have any band play her birthday party, she’d book the original lineup of Lynyrd Skynyrd.


Jackie loves to make people feel their absolute best. She loves when people leave her chair smiling. Jackie believes that hair is one of your biggest accessories and when you feel good about your hair you feel good from the inside out. Important to her is educating each individual on how their hair works in order to fit both their desires and their lifestyles. She believes that health and integrity of the hair are first and foremost in having beautiful hair. 





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Born and raised in New York City, Stephen has embraced, with great appreciation, the many different cultures plus unique qualities they carry. This has shaped his vision as a stylist, specializing in all hair incorporating haircuts and coloring to individual needs. Stephen prides himself on ongoing education. His passions include plants, dancing, and Sunday brunch with friends.

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Salon Administrator

With over 40 years of experience in finance, sales and service, we are happy to have Diane on our staff.  She is energetic and committed. 


"I am always happy to see you!"



Front Desk

Christie is our Salon Coordinator here at Metro. She has been a part of the beauty industry all her life, having grown up with a mother who is a hairstylist. Christie has worked at various spas and salons, with her own interests in fashion and makeup. She is interested in exploring nail art and turning that into a career.

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Eco Friendly Hair Salon in Rochester NY

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