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massage rochester ny



Massage Therapy 

  Express Massage            30min $50

  Relaxation Massage      60min $75

                                            90min $110

Deep Tissue Massage    60min $85

                                           90min $120

Aromatherapy Oil         Add on $10

Foot Scrub                     Add on $10

Massages in Rochester NY

-Express Massage (30min)

Focuses on troubled areas and provides temporary relief to those with limited time available.

-Relaxation Massage (60min or 90min)

Consists of smooth flowing strokes, at a chosen pressure to help you relax without the focus on easing muscle soreness or tension.

*Add aromatherapy for mind, body and soul connection.

-Deep Tissue (60min or 90min)

Similar to Swedish Massage, deeper pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layer of the tissue, tendons and fascia. 

*Can be paired with our Mimo7 Muscle Ease massage oil blend.

Massages are unique per individuals needs...

Please consult our highly qualified therapist, Teresa

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